Wells Barnett Associates offers land use project research and feasibility analysis services to property owners, real estate professionals, developers, and organizations such as banks and government.
Project feasibility services may include analysis of government land use regulations related to matters such as development costs and fees, neighborhood compatibility and zoning, property access and availability of public services. Our project feasibility reports can also identify and evaluate project alternatives, including previously unexplored development opportunities.

Project research deliverables are based on client needs and may include the following

  • Reports that outline the development history of a property including past land uses, regulatory permits, zoning, and enforcement actions
  • Reports that catalog existing and “banked” property entitlements such as development rights, land uses, water and sewer units, vehicle trips, impervious land coverage, easements and licenses
  • Multidisciplinary reports such as traffic, flood, natural hazard, noise, erosion control and cultural studies prepared in coordination with other professionals
South Lake Tahoe aerial view of casino buildings and Lake Tahoe in the background

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