Economic Research & Analysis



Wells Barnett Associates offers economic research, analysis, and strategies related to various land use initiatives.

Each assignment is unique and designed to fit the needs of our clients.

Economic research and analysis may be provided to public officials to illustrate the economic ramifications of key decisions points they are faced or provided directly to developers as they are considering various courses of action including evaluating the future land uses, sizes, and character of planned development projects.

Some common types of economic analyses include the following

  • Market Analysis, including comparisons of supply and demand for residential, hospitality, retail, office, and industrial development.
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis of proposed development projects or land use policies.
  • Fiscal Impact Studies.
  • Economic Impact Studies.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (BCA) for State/ Federal grant applications or other purposes.
  • Funding Strategies for Infrastructure and Public Facilities.
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